AMAG Energy & Mobility

How we are driving forward CO2-neutral individual mobility.
AMAG Energy & Mobility

We are expanding the Energy & Mobility business area

AMAG also intends to drive forward the expansion of renewable energies as part of its quest to become the leading provider of sustainable, individual mobility. The direction of travel is clear: with the rise in electromobility, AMAG will not only increasingly meet the additional electricity requirements itself (with partners), but will also position itself as the market leader for sustainable energy and mobility solutions.

For this reason, the AMAG Group is bundling its energy-, charging- and e-mobility-related activities into the "AMAG Energy & Mobility" business area. It includes the electromobility-focused ecosystem from Clyde, the charging solutions from Volton and the comprehensive photovoltaics, heat pumps and charging infrastructure offering from Helion.

Helion – expansion of photovoltaics and intelligent use of e-mobility

Einfamilienhause mit Fotovoltaikdach


Helion has been implementing projects in the fields of photovoltaics, electricity storage, heat pumps and charging stations for electric vehicles since 2008. Services range from consulting and planning to installation and lifetime service. The systems come from a single source and are optimally coordinated and continuously optimised by the HelionONE energy management system.

Volton – charging solutions for business customers


More and more of our business customers are also calling for sustainable solutions. The AMAG Group wants to meet this demand, and is offering a range of services for business and fleet customers under the new Volton brand, with comprehensive advice regarding vehicles, charging and billing solutions.

Clyde – a convenience subscription for electromobility


Clyde – 100 percent electric from 2024

For electromobility to succeed, it needs to be even more convenient and simple than actual offerings. Clyde includes various subscription terms, mileage packages and inclusive services such as insurance, taxes, service, tyres and home delivery of the vehicle. In addition, since the beginning of 2023 its electric car subscription has also included electricity. Accordingly, there are no additional costs for Clyde customers – for servicing, winter tyres or charging. Clyde's brand portfolio is constantly being expanded to include additional car brands for electric mobility.

Clyde is thus perfecting the idea of a subscription: high flexibility, full cost transparency and no risk – a new "convenience offer". From 2024, Clyde will be 100 percent electric.

Infrastructure – we are moving forward


Expansion of the charging network and infrastructure

By 2025, the AMAG Group will have installed around 2,000 charging stations at its locations, of which more than 400 will be publicly accessible. AMAG Retail is also building fast charging stations (360 kW) with a total of 48 charging points at 13 locations.

The AMAG Group is also making progress in the area of parking/charging infrastructure: in June 2022, AMAG Parking opened the Utoquai Charging Centre and offers charging parking spaces on a monthly subscription basis. In July the Kongress Charging Centre was opened, and preliminary work on a charging centre at the Messe Parkhaus Zürich is currently in progress. This amounts to a total of around 150 additional public charging points for the city of Zurich.

100 million Swiss francs to finance photovoltaic systems

The AMAG Group itself is also accelerating the expansion of its own photovoltaic systems: in 2022, about 20,000 m2 of new systems will be commissioned, and by 2025, about 75,000 m2 will have been built, not 50,000 m2 as originally announced. To this end, and to support the sustainability strategies of fleet and business customers, AMAG Leasing AG will provide CHF 100 million in financing for photovoltaic systems.

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