Clyde goes electric

Car subscription provider Clyde is expanding its fleet and including charging in the monthly payment. CEO Timo Nührich in an interview.
Clyde goes electric

Interview with Timo Nührich, Managing Director of Clyde

Timo Nuehrich


Hello Mr. Nührich. What will the mobility of the future look like and how will it affect the automotive industry?

Timo Nührich: The automotive industry is in the midst of its greatest transformation, and the next decade will see more change than the last 100 years has. The most exciting topics are new drive technologies, especially electromobility, and the shift away from ownership towards pure use. In 2030, almost all newly registered cars will be fully electric. Some studies also predict that 40% of vehicles on the road will be used through a subscription. It's really exciting to witness this at first hand.

What does Clyde do and what does the brand stand for?

Timo Nührich: Clyde is active in the very area we just talked about. We are the most flexible car subscription in Switzerland: our customers pay a monthly subscription fee that includes everything except filling up. The fee is determined by the selected minimum duration and the desired mileage package. If the car no longer suits your circumstances, you can simply cancel it with 10 days’ notice. How’s that for freedom? And as a brand, Clyde stands for precisely these values. ‘Freedom’ is a key focus of ours. We want our customers to have the time they need for the things that really matter in life, which certainly doesn’t include dealing with all the hassles of owning a car.

What is Clyde’s position on electromobility?

Timo Nührich: We are 100% enthusiastic about electromobility, which is why we have decided to take a very focused path here. Clyde will begin its transformation into a comprehensive provider of electric cars on subscription in 2022. From 2024, we will only have electric cars on offer. We will also significantly expand our range of electric cars from other brands, which we are really looking forward to!

Does this mean Clyde is different from other car subscription providers?

Timo Nührich: Yes, definitely. For example, as of 1 February, new Clyde customers can take advantage of a free flat rate for charging when they subscribe to an electric vehicle (BEV). That’s sensational! And it means that Clyde is the only provider to include all costs in the subscription fee for electric cars. This is absolutely in keeping with our idea of freedom, simplicity and flexibility, which we have been pursuing since Clyde was founded.
But that’s not the only thing that sets us apart from the competition: Clyde is also the only provider that doesn’t charge a starting fee and offers a free home delivery service. We also promise delivery within just 10 days from the time a customer places their order, and everything is done fully online. Ordering a Clyde is almost as easy as ordering a pizza!line. Einen Clyde zu bestellen – fast so einfach wie das Ordern einer Pizza!

What is Clyde’s greatest challenge regarding electromobility?

Timo Nührich: We still have a lot of work to do in terms of educating people, in two respects.
Firstly, many more drivers need to experience how easy it is to have a car subscription. It feels just like driving your own car, and you also save an incredible amount of time and effort compared to buying or leasing.
Secondly, many people still have some uncertainties when it comes to electromobility. Because charging in particular can be a headache, Clyde has introduced the ingenious flat rate for charging. With us, no one has to worry about different rates at different charging stations. A car subscription with Clyde is actually a great way to simply test what it’s like to drive an electric car.

Do you drive an electric car yourself?

Timo Nührich: Of course! I drove an Audi e-tron for nine months and immediately fell in love with electromobility. So much so that I never want to go back to conventional cars! In my experience, many of the concerns and prejudices about electric cars are totally unfounded. Aside from all the environmental benefits, electric cars are also incredibly fun to drive.
I’m currently driving an Audi Q4 e-tron, but as a huge fan of VW vans, my dream car is the ID.Buzz, which will be launched later this year. I can’t wait!