Incentive programmes

Anyone thinking of buying an electric car can benefit from various national, cantonal and regional funding initiatives. Depending on place of residence, the funding programmes can vary greatly and involve different issues.
Incentive programmes

Federal Council

In contrast to many other countries, individual electric mobility does not receive a great deal of support at the national level in Switzerland. The financial incentives offered by the federal government for the purchase of an electric car are modest, with only the automobile duty levied by the customs administration being waived. For a passenger car, this accounts for four per cent of the vehicle’s value, and the exemption only applies to pure electric vehicles, not to plug-in hybrids.

In Germany, in comparison, the federal share of the environmental bonus was doubled during the coronavirus crisis as part of the economic stimulus package. The arrangement applies to both electric and plug-in vehicles. Incentives of up to 9000 euros are offered for pure electric vehicles, and up to 6750 euros for plug-in hybrids. 

In Norway, the sale of pure electric vehicles has already been supported by the state since 2016, resulting in more such vehicles being sold than petrol and diesel cars for the first time in 2020. Norwegians pay almost no tax when purchasing an electric vehicle, whereas cars with a combustion engine are taxed to make them more expensive. Depending on the vehicle, sums of up to 10 000 euros can be involved. In addition, drivers of electric vehicles also enjoy a number of advantages while driving and are able to use some parking spaces in towns and cities free of charge, for example. Ferry crossings in Norway are free of charge for electric vehicles, and road tolls are also waived.

Cantons, cities and municipalities

There are a large number of cantonal and regional funding initiatives available in federalist Switzerland. In many cantons, for example, tax on vehicles is reduced or waived altogether for electric vehicles. Many cities and municipalities also provide financial support for the purchase of an electric car and the installation of a charging station.

An overview of the various funding initiatives can be found here: (only in German and French)

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